Elegy: Loss of A Leaving Group By Anna Hou

Anna Hou is a senior at SJCP in Dr. Smith’s Organic Chemistry Class. This is Anna’s Poem titled Elegy Poem.

The Loss of a Leaving Group


The atom has been lost, 

The tale has been told,

The electrons have been tossed,

And the trail has turned cold.

For every other molecule, it’s business as usual!

For us atoms that remain, we attended your funeral. 

After your loss, times have been slow,

And there is still just no end to central carbon’s ego. 

And arrogant oxygen thinks he’s so special,  

So, the only tolerable one here is a weirdo named methyl. 

I guess I understand why you left this place, 

Because now I’m stuck with this fool,

But I know your memory can never be erased,

Though we are just one molecule.

I bid you farewell, 

And call me when you get there…  

Goodbye, lucky atom,

The bond we had will never be forgotten.

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