Winter Fashion Recommendations By Ella Lowry

Winter is here! Some of you may be wondering how one can look “cute” when it’s below freezing, and you’re just trying to stop your body from freezing over. Well, you have come to the right place. Keep scrolling for all the seasonal fashion inspiration, and you might actually be excited for the snowy days ahead. 

One of the best things you could be wearing this winter season is a Puffer Jacket. Puffer Jackets are the perfect piece to wear this winter: they are warm and stylish. You will be cozy and look cute all at once. Puffer Jackets also look great with black leggings, another seasonal must-have.  

You can be all bundled up in a warm sweater this winter. Sweaters are great in many different ways: they are super cozy and look great with almost anything! Sweaters are the ideal clothing for the winter. You should consider wearing one this time of year!  

Another great thing you could wear this winter season is a cardigan. It is a great touch to a simple outfit. They make anything look comfortable and fashionable. Plus, it will keep you warm during these chilling months. 

“But what shoes am I going to wear?” Any type of winter boot is perfect for this cold time of year. You could go high or low boot, both are gorgeous. Higher boots are typically used for snowy days because they keep the snow away. While low boots are more for style. Ugg boots are great, especially for the winter because they are very comfortable. It feels like you are walking on a cloud. Great to have, especially if you like to explore the outdoors during the winter.

Lastly, winter hats are perfect for this time of year. Especially beanies with a pom-pom on top. Not only do they look amazing, but they feel great too! Also, beanies are a great hat for the winter. Since they are simple and comforting. 

Hopefully, you are excited about this upcoming winter season! It is going to be a great one. Enjoy bundling up and looking good while doing it. 

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