Winter Festivities To Try By Ella Lowry

It is winter and feels like it because it’s freezing outside! As winter approaches, you may ask yourself, “What could I do during this freezing time of year?” Well, here are many great activities to do this season! 

One great thing about winter is the seasonal drinks. From hot cocoa to peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes, the list goes on forever. Winter is the perfect time of year to go to a local cafe and grab a warm drink, and even a delicious treat! 

Another great activity to do this winter is a cookie swap, even if it is not during Christmastime! You and your friends (and family) make a variety of different flavored cookies, and each person takes a few cookies from each other when you meet. It is exciting to see everyone’s cookie creations and taste them! Cookie swaps are a great winter tradition and a delicious one. 

A benefit of it being cold outside is you can go ice skating! Ice skating is one of the most popular winter activities. With friends or family, whenever you go,  there will be lots of laughs and many memories made. Ice skating is the perfect winter activity during the chilly season. 

When you’re snowed in, the best thing to do is Netflix and chill. Go catch up on your favorite show and binge-watch some new movies: Red Notice, Love Hard, House of Gucci, and 14 Peaks. Get some blankets, a warm drink, and a yummy snack, and let the binge begin. 

The last activity you can do during this winter season is to see all the beautiful lights. Drive around your neighborhood, or go see a light festival, at night and look at all the gorgeous, incandescent lights. It is fun to see how well people decorate their house with them -it is no joke. The time people dedicate to their decorating is worth seeing. It’s a great activity to do this winter!  

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