Science Olympiad By Harrison Brady and Yen Truong

Science Olympiad. Many know the name, but do not know what it stands for. The club is an organization that allows schools to compete against each other in science-related activities. It tests students’ abilities on their knowledge of science and its application in the real world. SJCP has its own Science Olympiad team and they meet occasionally to prepare for these competitions. The moderator is Dr. Erin Smith, who some might know as the head of the science department or the chemistry teacher. 

On Saturday the 11th of December, Saint John’s Science Olympiad team competed in a virtual summit in a 7-hour competition starting at 8:30. The meet was completely virtual, meaning that the competitors arrived at the school by 8am to report to Dr. Smith. The school-issued laptops were used in all activities including the google forms document that the exam was taken on. The competition was fierce, resulting in the team receiving 24th place! The next scheduled tournament was held at the school on Saturday, the 29th of January. It was originally supposed to be held at the University of Maryland, but with the rise of the Omnicron variant, officials concluded that it would be safer to have schools compete on their own campuses. Wish these scholarly Vikings the best of luck in any future competitions!

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