Sherlock, The Musical By Anna Rosencrance

 In April, 2022, Saint John’s Vikings will be putting on a spring musical. I spoke with Junior, Sofia Arnaiz, who has been instrumental in organizing the musical and making the spring production possible. This year, students will be putting on a production of Sherlock The Musical. The shows will be held Friday, April 29th and two shows will take place on Saturday April 30th. The first show will take place in the evening at 8:00pm. On Saturday, a matinee show will be held followed by the annual gala. Ticket prices are still to be determined and all students are encouraged to attend. 

Students who are involved  in the musical have been meeting three days a week after school, for a 2 hour rehearsal. Sofia states, “Each day our director tells us what scenes/acts/songs we are going to rehearse.We rehearse in a classroom until about a few weeks before the opening show. Once we are close to the show, we start to rehearse on the stage.” The production will be organized and directed by Mr. Tim Seltzer who is a favorite among the students and has been working with the drama department since 2020. 

When asked about the challenges of putting the musical together, Sofia emphasized the importance of student involvement. She stated that, “It takes a lot of people to put on a show. Students, who are acting, are very important to a musical or play. We have a director, a stage manager, who is also a student, and a teacher who helps us put everything.”

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