My Experience With The MSMU Dual Enrollment Program By Charlie Bryner

Mount Saint Mary’s University Frederick Campus

         As a student attending both Saint John’s Catholic Prep and Mount Saint Mary’s University, there are both pros and cons to the dual enrollment program. Seniors attending Saint John’s Catholic Prep are the only students eligible for the dual enrollment program at “The Mount”. As a dual enrollment student, The Mount classes occur according to the class you have enlisted in. For me, being enlisted in one class per semester, I only have to attend the Mount on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The program also allows a student to take up to two classes a semester at The Mount campus. The classes take up the first three periods of the day, A, B, and C ( of the SJCP schedule). This means one’s first class of the day would be at 11:00 am every day of the week, except for Friday, where D period starts at 9:00 am. For the Mount classes, students meet at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Frederick campus, which is no more than a ten-minute drive from Saint Johns. This location is convenient to students in the dual enrollment program, as you have more free time to do what you wish, after each class. We receive the perk of being able to sleep in on Mondays and Wednesdays, but have to wake up early for class on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also receive a secured spot in the front parking lot of Saint John’s Catholic Prep. This only applies to those with driver’s licenses and cars. This is why I encourage upcoming seniors to become Mount Saint Mary’s dual enrollment participants.

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