Junior Ring Ceremony

The Junior Class (20212022)

Class rings are a tradition celebrated throughout the U.S. for multiple reasons. Juniors receive them for remembrance of their time in either high school or college. The rings serve as a reminder of all one has or may accomplish throughout their academic and social careers at a particular school. At Saint John’s, the celebration of the class rings takes place on Junior Ring Day, which was on  April 1, 2022, this year. The class of 2023 celebrated thier transition into senior year with class breakfast, a speech from an alumnus, and a ceremony where each student received thier rings from Mr. Knotek, the Head of School at SJCP. Elliott Demiray, the junior class president spoke at the ceremony and commented, “I enjoyed watching the class jump into this next step of their lives.” The entire day was a way for the current junior class to connect with each other, and take the next steps in their lives as future alumni of Saint John’s.

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