Looming For A Cause By Ella Lowry

Here at SJCP, there are numerous types of clubs. Students are encouraged to create one if they think the school would benefit from it. That is exactly what junior Sophie Schwaab did – she created the Rainbow Loom Club. Yes, Rainbow Loom! Those little bracelets you made in fourth grade with all your friends. However, this club is more than just making jewelry – it focuses on camaraderie and social causes as well. Currently, the club is raising money for those affected by the war in Ukraine. All members of the club are making blue and yellow bracelets in remembrance of those in Ukraine. The creator of the Rainbow Loom Club agreed to be interviewed and talk about the start of this club and how members are looming for a cause. Here at SJCP, there are numerous types of clubs. Students are encouraged to create one if they think the school would benefit fr

It all started when Victoria Bishop made government teacher, Mr. Mees, a Rams bracelet in his favorite team’s colors (blue and yellow). Seeing the popularity of the bracelet, Sophie and Victoria, then, had the idea to support Ukraine and create the club to focus on this charity, at least initially. I asked Sophie if she felt as if this club had brought students closer together and she responded, “I think that is the idea behind the club. The main idea is to unify the school, and overall loom for a good cause.” Bringing the school closer together and helping those in need is something that students here at SJCP are passionate about. If everyone works together a big difference can be made! One bracelet can make a huge difference for someone in need. 

Sophie also mentioned that club members are selling bracelets at lunch for Ukraine and will do more fundraisers for local charities annually. I asked Sophie to share her hope for this club and she replied, “My hope is to help those in need and to use bracelets to make a change.” If you are looking for a club to join where you can work alongside your friends while creating gifts for amazing causes, consider the Rainbow Loom Club. As Sophie said, “This club is not just about making bracelets. It’s about making an impact on people’s lives. Not really what you think.” 

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