Gloria “The Shooting Star” By Sofia Conto

Senior Gloria Walker-Hoover played basketball here at Saint John’s Catholic Prep for her senior year. She has been playing basketball since she was little, but took time off in elementary school to try other sports, but started back up in high school. Her inspiration to start playing was her siblings, who all played basketball. Growing up, Gloria enjoyed swimming and gymnastics-her favorite sport. Gloria enjoys the aspect of being a part of a team and she thrives when working with people who have positive energy, no matter the outcome of a game. Anyone you ask will tell you that Gloria is a great team player and brings an important asset to any team – a positive attitude. She is a great motivator and knows how to cheer people up when they are down. Like many individuals, Gloria has people that inspire her to do better. Gymnast Gabby Douglas inspires Gloria whenever she sees Gabby putting on a smile any time something goes wrong and striving to learn more. Gloria would tell students playing a high school sport to push and rise above the hate. Make sure you are putting time into practice and games. Gloria has bonded with almost every girl on the basketball team and has made friendships that will last a lifetime. Even though their season wasn’t the best, Gloria calls it the best because of the fun she had getting to be with people who share a common interest in something fun.

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