Kailey Nicholas: An Invisible Athlete By Ella Lowry

Kailey Nicholas plays basketball, volleyball, and she runs track at SJCP. She’s had notable successes in track, winning numerous events including the Girls 4×200, and setting a school record for a triple jump at 32’8”! She has had many memorable moments, but her favorite would be placing first in the high jump at her very first track meet.  

However, as an athlete, there are times when the pressure can get to you. Kailey explained in our interview how she stays positive and motivated during a loss. “Right after a loss, I am normally very overwhelmed for a few minutes and allow myself a moment to be upset. Then I move on and think about my plan for the next game or meet.” It is normal for any athlete to want to better themselves or improve in their own personal way. As an athlete, it is crucial to have support and inspiration not only from those close to you, but also from yourself. When talking to Kailey, she said, “I would say I inspire myself because I enjoy the game and what I do. My family and friends inspire me to improve and keep going. They always support me in my athletics.” Inspiration and motivation are key factors in being a successful athlete. Kailey also discussed how essential is it to have a routine, “If I have time after practices, I hit the gym. I always make sure to put 100% of my effort into practice.” One of the many skills of being an athlete is continuing to follow your routine. Kailey puts it perfectly, “Physically, you need to be in good condition and be aware if you need to improve your physical condition. Mentally you need to be patient with yourself and be confident in your abilities.” While being a student-athlete can be very stressful, at times, it can also be so rewarding. Kailey’s favorite part about being an athlete is meeting incredible people, learning about the endless possibilities you can have, and understanding her limits. 

Kailey’s determination and work ethic is admirable. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, it’s up to us to determine which will persist. Ultimately, we can learn from each other to grow. Take it from Kailey, a multi-sport athlete, and hardworking student.  

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