Tee Time For Michel Bedard By Nick Hassan

Michel Bedard, the number one golfer at St. John’s, comes from a very different background than many may expect. His first love was actually baseball – he played catcher and instantly loved the feeling of being in command of the diamond. He was good at what he did, which made him feel motivated to keep playing and improving. He found many successes playing baseball as he is a 4-time state champion with his travel team In the Dirt. However, when his junior year came around, he found himself starting to lose that love he once had for the game. Mainly due to the injuries he suffered to his legs and the state of the team, he felt that the game was not for him anymore. 

Knowing he still loved playing sports, he decided that he would take up golf. He had a little bit of prior experience, but never really played seriously. One of his big motivations to play golf was his relationship with his dad. He didn’t have the best relationship with him and found that since his dad was into golf that it would be a good way to get closer and build a better relationship with him. In Michels first season of golf, he found great success as he was named one of the few MIAA all-conference golfers and St. John’s only one. In the current season, Michel is 4-1 against his opponents and leading the Vikings to a current record of 4-1. After high school, Michel plans to attend the University of Alabama and study Sports Journalism and Communications. He hopes to play club golf at Alabama to continue his athletic career and use his golf skills to score good business opportunities. His favorite golfer is Justin Thomas, but his favorite all-around favorite athlete is Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. Michel Bedard has a promising future inside and outside of golf and I look forward to seeing what he can accomplish. 

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