Beetlejuice, The Musical By Sofia Arnaiz

When COVID started, it caused all of musical theater to completely stop. On March 12th, 2020, Broadway decided to close its doors to the public.

They had said that they would open one month later, but as we all know, that did not happen. The world has almost been shut down for two years, but now things are slowly starting to open up. The Broadway musical Six was the first musical to reopen to full capacity, but due to covid cases rising, they had to close again. Unfortunately, this closure caused many musicals to never return to Broadway. One of these musicals is Beetlejuice, The Musical. This musical was based on the movie and starred Alex Brightman who will later play Mrs. Doubtfire in the musical Mrs. Doubtfire. Many critics stated that Alex was the best choice for Beetlejuice because he sounded exactly like the original movie character, and could keep doing that deep, raspy voice even while singing. Many of the musical’s fans were disappointed to see the show officially closed, especially since most of them were unable to see the show. I was able to see the show in October, a few months after the show opened. After two years, COVID cases finally started to decrease, causing Broadway to open back up with a full audience. Audiences were happy to finally be back in the theaters, and so were the actors. Though people wanted one more show to return, Beetlejuice The Musical. So, the creator of the show listened and has decided to bring it back to Broadway on April 8th, 2022. Everyone get ready because “It’s Showtime!”

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