Cabaret Night 2022

This year, Cabaret Night took place in the Multipurpose Room at Saint John’s. This second annual event allowed many students (and friends) to showcase their talents. The night was a blast, where the audience was treated to songs by Harry Styles and Rihanna. The Fine Arts Department at Saint John’s also got to show off students’ artistic skills by showcasing numerous works of art including a guitar painted by one of the students and sketches from the Memory Project, a service project the Nation Art Honors Society did this year. The NAHS and PTO served mocktails and snacks during the entire event. Overall Cabaret Night was a great success in raising money for SJCP and great memories for the fine arts department. 

A special thank you to Mrs. Bernadette Miller, Mr. Michael Gaingrasso, and Mr. Greg Ross (Fine Arts Department teachers), The PTO, NAHS, Mrs. Leigh Pancoast (photographer), and everybody who participated in making Cabaret Night 2022 an evening to remember. 

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