You Have Made Me A Man By Anonymous

How still my soul,

            how stiff my neck,

That I not give you my whole,

            that I become a wreck.

Lord, my body betrays me.

            Lord, it strays.

I hunger for your glee,

            but all I find are empty days.

When turned to you, Oh Lord,

            I have peace and joy.

When away, Oh Lord,

            all I see in me is a lost boy.

Yet in me, You see a prince,

            a man You wish to raise.

All I can do is rinse,

            rinse of my sins and set them ablaze.

For You, my God, have compassion in my sin,

            You love my weakness.

For there You are my help,

            there You show me kindness.

I fly to You, Oh Lord, my God.

            I cling to Your compassion and mercy.

For You found me in the darkness of my false god,

            You rescued me from the Enemy.

You, Oh Lord, have made me a man.

            You have turned my “can’t” into a “can.”

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