Midfielder Magic By Robin Toa

Kyle Kim (jr) Spring 2022

When asked about what lacrosse brings to his mind, Kyle Kim, a midfielder for the SJCP boys’ lacrosse team said, “It brings me what teamwork is and how it feels like to be in a community where we care about each one of us.” Kyle started his first season of lacrosse this spring. In the journey of becoming an athlete, substantial practice and learning are necessary. Kyle said, “Midfielders should be able to play both offense and defense sometimes. I need to improve ball-handling skills and passing skills to be able to contribute to both offense and defense.” The chemistry between players is also important and Kyle always tries to commit himself to the team as much as possible and communicate well with other players. Since this is his first year, he feels the need to prove his ability. “I believe I need to be more consistent, to put more effort into practice than others do, especially because it is my first season.” Kyle doesn’t have a role model among professional players, but he admires his coaches and teammates because he knows how hard they work and how passionate they are about lacrosse. Talking about the team’s status and future, Kyle remarked on improvements the team could make. “I think we are doing good so far, but one thing I think I need to point out is that we need better fundamental skills. Complicated skills and schemes look fancy sometimes, but what determines success always depends on fundamental skills.” 

As an international student from Korea, Kyle’s family and friends want him to do what he enjoys the most and encourage him to be his best. Outside the field, Kyle loves watching movies and sports games, including March Madness, College Football, and more. He also likes to travel to places he has never been. Kyle also says that he hasn’t decided to sign up for the lacrosse team next year, but he would love to be involved in the team in different ways. 

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