Shooting For The Stars By Keegan Foley

Macahi Nelson is a senior basketball player and a beloved SJCP student-athlete. Macahi was interviewed about being a student-athlete and his aspirations for the future. Macahi believes that he’s learned a lot during the recent basketball season, and has high hopes for what awaits him in college. I asked Macahi about his routine as an athlete and how he trained for the season before he started, and it’s truly admirable how much effort he puts into his work. During the summer, he wakes up at five in the morning and works out for two hours after eating breakfast. After working out, he spends another two hours playing basketball and then waits until later in the day to get another two hours of practice in. During the school year, he mainly works out after school and then practiced his basketball skills after finishing up his schoolwork. All of this work has resulted in a better performance on the court in the past season (despite taking up a lot of his free time, he says). Macahi showed some truly admirable qualities as an athlete on the court. He enjoyed his time as a varsity player for Saint John’s Catholic Prep and has stated that with the help of his teammates and coaches, he worked on his teamwork, skills, and showed great improvement throughout the season. He would like to thank his teammates for teaching him to be a less selfish player, and also says he would like to thank his brother for being his inspiration to start playing basketball, to begin with. All of his hard work has payed off too. Macahi recently committed to playing basketball at the University if Hartford!

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