Student Ambassador Training By Ella Lowry

Student ambassadors are a big part SJCP, as they are a great way to welcome new students and make them feel comfortable in a new school. On August 8th, all student ambassadors met at school for training to make sure they felt comfortable in assisting new students. Once ambassadors arrived, they signed in and picked up their all-new ambassador shirts and met in the Viking Cafe for pizza. During that time, the head ambassadors were introduced, and new freshman ambassadors. After discussing the business for this year, we went outside and officially started the training.  

Outside we met Sue Kemp, who is the owner of Soolah Hoops. She talked to us about how she started hula hooping to relax. After putting the hoop down for a year, she picked it back up again, and in 2008 started working with fire. She began fire dancing in 2009, and Soolah has performed at many festivals and events. Her story was unique and inspirational.  

At the training, we used hula hoops to learn more about ourselves. Various activities were introduced. The first one was high-fiving people while hula hooping and not dropping your hula hoop. It was a challenge, but everyone was encouraging and enthusiastic. Even if you did not do it completely, you tried and that is all that mattered. Next, we all got into our groups, held hands, and made a circle. The goal of the game was to get the hula-hoop around the circle without anyone letting go of their teammate’s hands. It was fun and a bit difficult. The last main activity was a challenge. Soolah had a huge hoop and asked if anyone could hula hoop with it, and quite a few people did. They were up front and center, but everyone was cheering them on. Later on, Soolah did a little performance, and it was amazing. I do not know how she does it. She rocked it! 

Overall, it was a great experience. All ambassadors learned to always communicate, work together, encourage each other, and be helpful, considerate, and bold. It was a great start to the year. Mrs. Ballenger, Mrs. James, and Mrs. Bruce, you all made it a great night for everyone!  

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