Checkmate By Silas Eaton

Photo by George Becker on

Liam Skelton, the founder of the Viking Chess Club, was interviewed on September 21st of this year. Liam is known by many in the school and is a familiar face around campus. In fact, when interviewing Liam, his friends immediately surrounded him, adding comments about how he has helped the school, and how great of an impact he has been to those around him. He is a part of several clubs including Mock Trial and has seen the impact of starting school clubs has on other students. SJCP junior, Harrison Brady stated, “Liam’s attitude towards life has made him open to many clubs and people.” 

As a chess club member, this author can attest to Liam’s willingness to make what some may think of as a dull game with lots of fun! Liam has been playing chess since he was nine! He has never been a club leader before the chess club. Liam stated that anyone can join the chess club at any time, just show up for a meet on Thursdays after school from 3-4 P.M. Liam started the club to give others the opportunity to learn chess and have a good time. The chess club was formed for everybody, both newcomers and people who have been playing for years. There are even chess books to look at for rules and strategies! Mr. Skelton is highly respected in the chess club, and according to Christ Nelson, is the “De-facto Leader”. Checkmate!

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