We Stand With Winter Mills By Payson Walker

On Friday, September 2nd, our school witnessed an event that will truly never be forgotten. Just minutes before halftime, a player on the opposing team, Greyson Lyons, collapsed on the field. Amidst the panic and confusion, one thing that stood out was, how the entire student section joined together in prayer. Even though the experience was extremely frightening, for over 15 minutes the students, parents, and staff of both Saint John’s and Winters Mill prayed for Greyson. A sense of family, faith, and togetherness filled the air.

            The week following the football game, our school and the rest of the Saint John’s community came together to help Greyson Lyons and the Winters Mill community. Our school started fundraisers and made get-well cards. The rainbow loom club made gray bracelets in support of Greyson. Gray ribbons were passed out to honor Greyson, and that Friday, exactly one week after the tragic event, the entire school participated in a dress-down day.  Every dollar that was raised during the week, was given to the Lyons family for support.

The events that occurred at our season opener will never be forgotten and the response from our SJCP school community, will be something that the entire school community can be proud of. There has never been a more perfect way to demonstrate the true meaning of kindness, care, and support for one another than the actions that were taken both during and after the football game.

For those who can, please consider donating to Greyson Lyon’s GoFundMe

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