Art Appreciation by Jasmine Milbourne

Photo by Daian Gan on

Aristotle once spoke of art, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  Art represents something different for everybody. Some people treasure their favorite poems, while others fawn over Monet and Starry Night. For Mrs. Bernadette Miller, art is her life’s passion. The beloved art teacher is in her eighth year teaching here at Saint John’s. Since starting, she has established SJCP’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society, an organization built on promoting visual arts and leadership in the realm of artistry. Each year the NAHS completes community service projects such as the Memory Project, a community created to connect children around the world through art. 

Last year, several new school community art projects were started, including the outdoor art classroom. This new art space was built with help from members of the NAHS and is an extension of the art room, allowing students to experience the creation of art in a different environment. Another service project,  the hallway mural, is in the process of being completed. Henri Matisse was the inspiration behind the Art Department mural, designed by NAHS senior president, Juliana Workman. According to Mrs. Miller, “The mural has provided color, composition, and movement in the hallway,” just as Matisse has in his artwork. 

There will even be a new Ceramics class starting in the Spring! Initially, the class will focus on hand-building skills, and hopefully, throwing skills as they are hoping to add potter wheels in the future. NAHS will continue to fundraise and influence the community, one brush stroke at a time. 

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