The Beauty of David Bowie By Liam Skelton

“Moonage Daydream”, directed by Brett Morgen, is a masterful documentary celebrating David Bowie’s artistry. This film is unique as its style differs from the traditional musician documentary genre which typically focuses on biographical details or interviews with people who knew the artist. This format is used in the vast majority of musician documentaries due to the ease with which it provides the audience with information. Utilizing these traditional and expected techniques would not adequately express Bowie’s originality or creativity. The only spoken words in this film come from archival footage. The film is largely made up of concert footage, music videos, and interviews with Bowie. Interspersed throughout are brief clips from various films that influenced Bowie. Audio from these clips is sometimes placed over video of Bowie or vice versa. The effect is fascinating as it is able to show Bowie’s artistic interests and progression. A good part of the film is devoted to his discussion on how traveling has influenced his art and non-music artistic endeavors, such as his acting career and painting. While people are unlikely to learn new information about David Bowie, those familiar with his work beforehand will enjoy “Moonage Daydream” as it offers an incredibly interesting look at the work of a great artist.

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