Basketball Season Preview By Kailey Nicholas

Photo by king Siberia on

The SJCP girls’ basketball team is reviving itself with many new girls deciding to come out and play. Coach Taye and Coach Eboni, the head and assistant coaches, are new this year. Coach Taye decided to join the Saint John’s community after seeing all of the untapped talents we have. Once he learned of the position, Coach Taye wanted to see how far he could help the team go. 

Coach Taye’s goal for the basketball program is to “build up morale, sportsmanship, and a winning attitude amongst the players.”  He wants to build the program back up to the A-conference. Coach Taye has been coaching for 10 years and played basketball in high school as a point guard while dreaming about going to the NBA. For this basketball season, Coach is most excited to show all the girls that basketball can be competitive, but also fun.  

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