Fabelsman Review By Liam Skelton

Photo by Bruno Massao on Pexels.com

The Fabelmans, a new film directed by Steven Spielberg follows its protagonist, Sammy Fabelman, through early childhood to college as he pursues his dreams of  becoming  a filmmaker. It begins with him seeing The Greatest Show on Earth and attempting to recreate its climactic scene. His mother sees his natural talent and  encourages him to continue making films. Beyond presenting his journey to becoming a director (many of the events in the film are based on Spielberg’s real experiences) the film also explores Sammy’s relationship with his family, and the conflict that his aspirations cause. The family in the film moves frequently and Sammy directs several short films throughout the story. This structure leads to some narrative drawbacks, as there frequently does not seem to be an overall theme or plot. The final scene, in which Sammy receives advice from a celebrated director, manages to be funny and thought provoking, but feels less like the climax of a narrative and more like another chapter in the protagonist’s life. We are left with little sense of how this character has changed or what progress he has made over the course of the film. However, the individuals are still filled with great performances and visual creativity to make the film worth watching.

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