New Years Resolution By Jay Patil

The New Year is an opportunity to rebrand, reinvent, and be a better version of yourself. Hence the saying, “New Year new me.” It seems that every year, millions of people take on the task of, “being healthier.” going to the gym more, eating better, and cutting out unhealthy habits. However, this task is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, most people stop trying to achieve this goal by the first week. The thing is, it’s not an easy task, and that’s okay. It’s difficult to change yourself and make a completely different lifestyle, especially within a year. This is why many people stop within a week. Those people set themselves with expectations that the flip will switch, just like that. Truth is, altering your lifestyle and daily choices. not only takes time, but commitment and consistency. Once you do start eating better and exercising daily, you will feel so much better about yourself you will be better. You will be healthier, over time.

There also might be times when you do not have any resolutions, maybe you are happy with your general life and health When someone asks, “ What’s your New Year’s resolution?” this could make you think if you are doing something wrong or if there’s something you should change. But to be honest,  that is not always the case. It’s also good to be proud and happy with yourself, just as you are.

If you do need a New Year’s resolution, for whatever reason, challenging yourself, improving any way you can, or just for the sake of it, here are a few.

Cutting out fast food, sugary desserts, and fried food. These are the top three foods that are known to cause cardiovascular and stomach problems. The nutritional benefit is extremely limited when it comes to these foods and they only cause problems for your health.

Another good resolution to pick up is trying new hobbies. Reading, crocheting, trying a new instrument or making art. Doing any activity that is not electronic in your free time is good for you, and can show you new or creative parts of yourself. As can making a resolution to travel to new places. Not just all around the world, but even taking a hike at the nearby park.

In order to reinvent yourself in the New Year, you need to try new things, push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t, you’re not changing or becoming healthier. 2023 is the year of prosperity, take the opportunity, and use the excuse to become a better version of yourself.

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