Cheap Ways to Buy Books By Kailey Nicholas

Finding inexpensive books is often a difficult task especially when books are a necessity for school. Often, needing just one book isn’t an issue, but having to purchase multiple books can cause struggles. If purchasing a used book with notes and highlights causes irritation, online texts maybe be a better option. Google often has links to pdfs posted by colleges to textbooks and books that have been out for a couple of years. 

BookScooter is a website that sells used books, textbooks, and college reading materials at cheaper prices and provides you with a place to sell your old textbooks to receive some money back. It also compares book prices from the website to the costs of the books directly from the bookstore. 

Goodwill also has a wide variety of books in their stores at a low cost. On Tuesdays, if you provide a goodwill member your student ID, you get 25%off of your purchases. It is also a good company that provides goods to people in need and a great place to donate items you no longer use. 

Wonder Book and Video is also a local place in the Golden Mile Marketplace that has a large range of genres and different versions of books. The store is unique and fun to explore and the shelves are full of books at reasonable prices. 

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