Dive Time! By Ellen Haley

 Kristy Pfaff, a senior at Saint John’s Catholic Prep, is committed to dive at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2023. Kristy has been diving since seventh grade and it has been a huge part of her life these past six years. 

Committing to college for sports is impressive and intimidating, let alone diving at the Division One level. Kristy explained the moment she knew she was going to attend a D1 college was, “When I talked to representatives from Penn State for the first time. They sent me an email on the day I was able to be recruited.” Other schools were recruiting and interested in Kristy too, but she ended up visiting and falling in love with the University of Kentucky, “I chose Kentucky because I like the school. The coach is cool and the team is fitting for me. The environment is perfect for what I want.” 

 Taking on a sport is demanding and time-consuming, as diving requires a support system. When asked who her biggest supporter(s) are she said, “My friends, myself, and my teammates. We help each other by pushing one another and helping each other out at meets and practices.” Kristy also talked about how having a good team, coach, and friends that have your back is important. Background and experience in other sports are important as well. When asked how she got into diving,  Kristy responded, “ “I used to do gymnastics, I was a level eight. It was a good transition to diving.” 

On November 9th, 2022 Kristy officially signed her letter of intent for the University of Kentucky. We wish Kristy all the best in her academic and athletic endeavors in the future. 

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