Pitch Perfect By Jasmine Milbourne

With Spring sports just around the corner, SJCP is gearing up for the last sports season of the school year. Bronson Taylor, a senior here at Saint John’s, is getting ready for his last year of high school baseball before college. He recently committed to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a Division 1 school, known for thier advanced athletic department and more. As one of the many athletes committing to college for sports, Bronson recounts his time in high school and is thankful that he decided to commit to UMES. 

Currently, Bronson is the number one catcher in the state of Maryland and Delaware. Bronson’s grandfather pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, so it is no surprise that Bronson has played his entire life. Bronson accounts his success to good time management. He would like to tell younger athletes to, “not be afraid to stand out and to continue to work as hard as you can. People will try to doubt you and make you feel bad, but prove them wrong.”

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