Creating the Viking Journal By Kelly Karanovich

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Have you ever wondered what it takes for an article, like this one, to be published in the Viking Journal? How does our school newspaper get produced?  That would be the wonderful newspaper club led by Chief Editor, Jasmine Milbourne. Jasmine is a Senior, soon to be graduating in the Class of 2023. She is a hard-working and enthusiastic individual who makes a great leader for the school-wide newspaper.

And this is her story…

Jasmine joined St. John’s Catholic Prep with a love for writing and a want to join in a club where she could express her talent for writing. At the time, there was no Viking Journal, so she joined the Creative Writing Club. She enjoyed it, but COVID hit. As many were at home and bored, the SJCP students had other plans. SJCP student Charlotte McKinnley started the Viking Journal. This newspaper allowed for a sense of community, allowed for school information to be easily spread, and let creative talents flow during the trying times of the pandemic. With the creation of the Viking Journal, Jasmine was recruited for the newly formed newspaper club. As time progressed, in her sophomore year, Jasmine became a junior editor in preparation for her current position, granted to her in her junior year, as Chief Editor.

Her favorite aspects of being Chief Editor are helping people with their writing, helping students build skills for their English classes, and how inclusive the newspaper is. The Viking Journal includes stories, poems, artwork, and other creative pieces by members of the newspaper staff and the SJCP community. Jasmine said the most challenging part of the newspaper is the lack of confidence by some students, which she hopes they will overcome through the support of their peers.

Jasmine has dreams of majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sociology after she graduates. With that, she plans to further her education and work for a Ph.D. or Masters in something analytical.

Jasmine’s classmates and teachers know she will do well in whatever endeavor she strives for. Mrs. Ballenger says confidently, “She is organized, smart, talented, takes initiative, is easy to work with, and has great levels of perseverance.”

Jasmine is currently training Junior, Ella Lowry, to take her spot after graduation to continue the Viking Journal.

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