About Us

Who We Are

The Viking Journal is a student-led digital newspaper at Saint John’s Catholic Prep. The advisers, editors, and staff hold the publication to the highest standard of journalistic integrity. Our mission is to create a safe and comfortable environment for public expression. The purpose of the Viking Journal is to inform, educate, and encourage discussion in a comprehensive way. By sharing student-produced content, we hope to bring the SJCP community closer together and represent an unbiased portrayal of the school’s culture. Each submission goes through an approval, editing, and publication process set forth by the administration. Since we are a student-led paper, there are bound to be errors. If you find any please contact us immediately in the form at the bottom of the page with your email address. 

We share submissions from multiple sources inside the Saint John’s community, including newspaper staff, the Creative Writing Club, the Publication and Journalism Class, and other contributing content creators. You can find these submissions under Current Staff or Contributing Writers.

How To Navigate the Site

The content on the Viking Journal is set up in five different ways. You can find media by category (“SJCP” or “Current Events”), type of media (“Articles” or “Photo Galleries”) under “Home”, by the author (under “Current Staff”), by month (under “Archive“), or by quite simply searching keywords. 

The Viking Journal is meant to provide a clear understanding of all content published. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please fill out the Feedback Form. For any inquiries or urgent requests please fill out the Contact Form. Both of these forms are found at the bottom of the website on either side of the calendar. The advisers and editors will do their best to return messages about concerns and questions in a timely manner.