Harboring STEM Interest By Yen Truong

Saint John’s Catholic Prep has various opportunities to build scientific interest in STEM courses. For example, students can take anviation class, AOPA,  offered at our school. David Giandrea, a senior in the class of 2023, decided to expand on that class and create his own club that would give opportunities for  “hands-on STEM projects” for … More Harboring STEM Interest By Yen Truong

Art Appreciation by Jasmine Milbourne

Aristotle once spoke of art, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  Art represents something different for everybody. Some people treasure their favorite poems, while others fawn over Monet and Starry Night. For Mrs. Bernadette Miller, art is her life’s passion. The beloved art teacher … More Art Appreciation by Jasmine Milbourne

Cabaret Night 2022

This year, Cabaret Night took place in the Multipurpose Room at Saint John’s. This second annual event allowed many students (and friends) to showcase their talents. The night was a blast, where the audience was treated to songs by Harry Styles and Rihanna. The Fine Arts Department at Saint John’s also got to show off … More Cabaret Night 2022

Sherlock, The Musical By Anna Rosencrance

 In April, 2022, Saint John’s Vikings will be putting on a spring musical. I spoke with Junior, Sofia Arnaiz, who has been instrumental in organizing the musical and making the spring production possible. This year, students will be putting on a production of Sherlock The Musical. The shows will be held Friday, April 29th and … More Sherlock, The Musical By Anna Rosencrance

Science Olympiad By Harrison Brady and Yen Truong

Science Olympiad. Many know the name, but do not know what it stands for. The club is an organization that allows schools to compete against each other in science-related activities. It tests students’ abilities on their knowledge of science and its application in the real world. SJCP has its own Science Olympiad team and they … More Science Olympiad By Harrison Brady and Yen Truong