The Upcoming Hiking Trip By Kyle Kim

After a tough year with strict COVID restrictions, The Environmental Club is finally back on track to exploring the outdoors. The Environmental Club will be going on a hiking trip on Thursday, November 4th, 2021. The club will enjoy nature and each other’s company, in Gambrill State Park, after school. If you are tired of school work and various stressors, this hiking trip is a great opportunity to look back on yourself and make awesome memories with your friends. Fresh air and a magnificent view from the park will be beyond what you imagined. 

The club has participated in a variety of activities relating to nature and saving the environment over the past few years. The major activities include tree planting, paper recycling, can and bottle recycling, educational assemblies, helping save the rainforests, cleaning the roads, and more. The club cleaned up Lime Kiln Road in May. People in this community and drivers were able to drive safely thanks to cleaning all the trash and fallen leaves. The club also hosted plant sales at school to interested customers in October, 2020. This activity intrigued the school community to explore more about plants and get involved in future club activities. Presentations on how to properly recycle in math classes contributed to education on the environment in February, 2020. Presentations in classes informed the students who were not used to recycling how to save the environment through proper recycling. 

The colorful flowers, contributing to the beautiful scenery at Saint John’s, were planted by the club. These activities not only hold you responsible for saving the environment but also allow precious contributions to the school community. Students interested in going on a fun hiking trip and working on preserving the planet are always welcome to join The Environmental Club. Check the school website for more information about the club or talk to Dr. Smith or Mr. Nogay! 

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