New Semester, New Opportunities By Ella Lowry

The first semester is finally over! I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was long and stressful. With the second-semester beginning, it is a great time to reflect on the past and create habits that are beneficial to your future. Not only can we build on past habits, but we can shape new opportunities for ourselves as well. Here is some advice on how to venture into new possibilities for yourself this semester. 

Start with reprioritizing your goals. Look back on the positive moments from last semester and, then, make new goals based on those positive aspects for this new semester. Build on those habits, or choose new areas to focus on. Get creative when thinking of goals. Create reasonable ones, but do not limit yourself. 

Next, improve your time management skills. I would suggest planning ahead and staying organized! Make a schedule for yourself, and maybe even buy a planner. Plan time for studying, homework, reading, and give yourself a break (everyone needs them once in a while).  I would suggest trying to take it easy, but do not get carried away when you take a break. Go outside, go on a walk, read, do something relaxing that will take your mind off the stresses of school. If you create good time management skills now, it will only help you in the future. 

Also, consider finding study methods that work for you. Studying can be a struggle a lot of the time. But, there is always a way to study that will benefit you, whether that be reading, making flashcards, e.t.c! You could even find a study buddy. Ask one of your friends to study with you, it can help you in countless ways. They can offer you a different perspective that may help you or give you some helpful tips to practice on your own! Another way to improve your studying habits is to find a website to help you! Several websites that can help you study include

Khan Academy, Quizlet, Speechify, and Youtube. The list is abundant, but remember to do some research and find what works for you!

Overall, use this new semester as a chance to make new opportunities and new goals for yourself. I hope these ideas help you during this new semester, they help you feel confident and prepare you for what is to come. Remember, you are capable of anything you put your mind to, and do not take yourself for granted. You can do this!

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