Spirit Week By Mia Matthews

Homecoming is very soon and the student community at St. John’s Catholic Prep is ready to have a blast with the many thrilling events coming up. Kicking off this year’s festivities is Spirit Week from Monday, September 26th, to Friday, September 30th. During Spirit Week, students show school spirit by dressing according to the themes of each day which are Monochromatic Monday, Disney day, Wacky Tacky day, Twins day, and finally, Viking Spirit day. Many students are looking forward to Spirit Week. Freshman Calista Osong said, “In Spirit Week, I’m looking forward to dressing up all week,” and that she is especially looking forward to seeing all the outfits on Disney day and Wacky Tacky day. Another Freshman, Cadence Bohn said, “I’m looking forward to Spirit Week because it’ll be fun to see what everyone does, dress up, and have fun with friends.” Cadence’s birthday falls during Spirit Week and she plans to spend it with friends. 

The Homecoming Committee is also preparing to decorate the hallways with elaborate decorations to the theme of PIXAR movies. For example, the freshman class is making traffic lights, tires, and checkered black and white finish lines to portray the movie, Cars, starring Lightning McQueen. The Seniors are decorating their hallway to Monsters, Inc, the Juniors are doing Finding Nemo, and the Sophomores are decorating their hallway to look like Toy Story.  

On Friday, September 30th, at 7 pm, is the Homecoming football game and St. John’s is playing against Severn at Warner Stadium. Make sure to grab your SJCP gear and show support for the football team! It would be a shame to lose at our school’s homecoming game, so let’s boost our chances with some good old-fashioned cheer.  

The Homecoming dance takes place on Saturday, October 1st, from 7pm to 10pm at night, and will be an evening to remember for all who attend. Make sure to attend and dress your best!  Many students are looking forward to Homecoming and a freshman named Maggie Dorfman said that in 6th grade she went to a school dance and the decorations were somewhat disappointing. She has higher expectations for Homecoming. Maggie also stated that she is mainly looking forward to it because it will be her first high school dance and it will be fun to hang out with friends. Freshman Andrea Sosa, also said that she looks forward to having fun with friends and hopes that the St. John’s football team wins. 

Homecoming is a great time to hang out with friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone at these events, radiating with school spirit!

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