Recipe: Texas Style Smoked Beef Brisket By Joonho Cho

Brisket is good. In particular, Texas-Style Brisket is my favorite because it is a food of sincerity, that can only be tasted after waiting at least 14 hours. Traditional Texas Briskets require at least 14 hours of smoking, cooking, and sprinkling apple juice on the meat every 3 hours, making it difficult to cook at home, unless you have a lot of time to watch it. 


·         Remove the raw fat on the brisket

·         Sprinkle salt and pepper on the trimmed brisket and put it in a Barbeque grill.

·         Sprinkle apple juice on the surface of the meat every 3 hours until the temperature in the center of the meat reaches 165 degrees.

·         If the internal temperature is 165 degrees, take out the brisket, sprinkle the apple juice one more time, wrap it with tin foil, and place it in a barbecue grill until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees.

·         If the center temperature of the meat reaches 200 degrees, take it out of the grill, and rest until the center temperature is stabilized.

If you have enough time to do this, you must try it. The time and effort you put in will not betray you. 

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